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  • Rasagullah
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    Oriya cuisine (Odia Randhana) refers to the cooking of the eastern Indian state of Orissa. Foods from this area are rich and varied, while relying heavily on local ingredients. The flavors are usually subtle and delicately spiced, quite unlike the fiery curries typically associated with Indian cuisine. Fish and other seafood such as crab and shrimp are very popular. Chicken and mutton are also consumed, but somewhat occasionally. Only 6% of the population of Orissa is vegetarian, and this is reflected in its cuisine. The oil base used is mostly mustard oil, but in festivals ghee is used. Panch phutana, a mix of cumin, mustard, fennel, fenugreek and kalonji (nigella) is widely used for tempering vegetables and dals, while garam masala (curry powder) and haladi (turmeric) are commonly used for non-vegetarian curries. Pakhala, a dish made of rice, water, and yogurt, that is fermented overnight, is very popular in summer, particularly in the rural areas. Oriyas are very fond of sweets and no Oriya repast is considered complete without some dessert at the end.Festivals and fasts witness a cuisine without onion and garlic whereas other days witness an aroma of garlic and onion paste in curries. One can find restaurants serving food without onion and garlic in major places like Puri and other coastal area, which is run by many Brahmin owners.

    Generally people use many kinds of rice. One is Arua (sun dried and milled paddy) and another is ushuna (half boiled and milled paddy).
    The former is more popular in urban areas and Brhmin villages whereas Ushuna is popular in coastal and western,Northern Orissa villages.

    In southern Orissa Arua is popular even in villages. Generally scented rice varietis are used for kheeri/payas.

    Buta Dali (ବୁଟ ଡାଲି)- Channa dal with coconuts, raisins, dry fruits, mild spices.
    Mittha Dali (ମିଠା ଡାଲି)- Toor dal cooked with little jaggery, ghee, and bay leaf.popular in Jagannath temple
    Muga Dali (ମୁଗ ଡାଲି)- Mung bean dal cooked with coconuts and mild spices.
    Masura Dali (ମସୁର ଡାଲି)- Masur Dal cooked with cumin, mustard seed and bay leaves.
    Dalma(ଡାଲମା/ଡାଲେମା/ଡାଲଣା) - Mixed lentils with various vegetables, is popular due to the high nutritional value and consumed as a complete food.
    Khechedi(ଖେଚେଡ଼ି)- Rice and lentils with vegetables and occasionally potato. It is a general food at religious festivals.
    Mandia Jau-Boiled Ragi cooled overnight
    Chhatua - There are various kinds of Chhatua eaten as daily breakfast. Its a paste that has flour made from fried whole grain or wheat or rice and then mixed with sugar, banana, milk or curd.
    Luchi (ଲୁଚି)- Unleavened flour bread deep fried in oil.
    Mitha Bhata (ମିଠା ଭାତ), Kaanika (କାନିକା) - Mildly sweetened rice with assorted spices
    Mudhi (ମୁଢ଼ି/ଭୁଜା)- It is puffed rice.
    Pakhala (ପଖାଳ)- Rice soaked in water with yogurt and seasonings.
    Paratta (ପରଟା)- Layered wheat bread rolled out in triangular or round shape and tawa-fried
    Palao (ପଲଉ)- Rice in clarified butter with raisins, nuts, vegetables, whole spices
    Poda Pitha is a cake made of rice and other spices which is eaten during the Raja festival.
    Puri(ପୁରୀ) - Unleavened whole wheat flour bread deep fried in oil

    Alu Bhaja (ଆଳୁ ଭଜା) - Potato slices fried in oil with whole spices.
    Alu-beans bhaja
    Aludum (ଆଳୁ ଦମ)- Spicy potato curry
    Alu Matara (ଆଳୁ ମଟର ତରକାରୀ)- Diced potatoes and peas curry
    Alu Phulakobi Bhaja (ଆଳୁ ଫୁଲକୋବି ଭଜା)- Diced potato and cauliflower florets sauteed in oil and spices
    Alu Potala Rasa (ଆଲୁ ପୋଟଳ ରସା)- Curried potatoes and pointed gourd
    Bilatibaigana/patalghanta chutney (ବିଲାତି ବାଇଗଣ/ପାତଲଘଁଟା ଚଟଣି)- A very sweet chutney made of tomatoes, dates and sugar.
    Dahi bhendi
    Dahi bhendi- Okra (Bhendi) or Ladies finger fried and dipped in spiced yogurt
    Besar (ବେସର)- Assorted vegetables stir fried in panch phutana and a mildly spiced mustard sauce
    Dahi badi
    Badi Dahi(ବଡ଼ି ଦହି) - Fried Dalma dipped in spiced yogurt.
    Badi chura(ବଡ଼ି ଚୁରା)-Powdered badi made of urad dal with green chillies, sometimes garlic&onion
    Chadachadi (ଚଡ଼ ଚଡ଼ି)- Sauteed mixed vegetables, diced potatoes and shrimp in a spicy mustard sauce
    Chhencheda (ଚେଞ୍ଚେଡ଼ା)- Lightly spiced fish head and mixed vegetables
    Chungdi Malai (ଚିଙ୍ଗୁଡ଼ି/ଚୁଙ୍ଗୁଡ଼ି ମଲାଇ)- Freshwater prawn cooked in coconut milk and spices
    Chungdi Jhola (ଚିଙ୍ଗୁଡ଼ି/ଚୁଙ୍ଗୁଡ଼ି ଝୋଳ)- Freshwater prawn cooked in thick, spicy gravy
    Crab Kalia (କଙ୍କଡ଼ା କାଳିଆ)- A spicy crab curry
    Dahi baigana (ଦହି ବାଇଗଣ)- Deep fried eggplant slices in a spiced yogurt sauce
    Dahi Maachha (ଦହି ମାଛ)- fried fish in a mildly spiced yogurt sauce
    Ghanta (Food) (ଘାଣ୍ଟ)- Vegetable medley and spice powders sauteed in oil
    Ghugni (ଘୁଗୁନି)- Boiled Peas and spices cooked in oil and then lightly curried.
    Kancha Kadali bara jhola (କଞ୍ଚା କଦଳୀ ବରା ଝୋଳ)-A curry of green plantain/unripe banana kofta.
    Kadali bhanda raai(କଦଳୀ ଭଣ୍ଡା ରାଇ)-Tiny flowers of banana cooked in mustard-chilly sauce.
    Kakharu phula bhaja (କଖାରୁ ଫୁଲ ଭଜା)-Pumpkin flowers deep fried in besan or rice flour with spices.
    Kankada Jhola(କଙ୍କଡ଼ା ଝୋଳ) - Crab meat and potatoes in a rich gravy with panch phutana
    Khata (ଖଟା)- Literally meaning "sour" in Oriya, a sweet and sour marmalade served as a side
    Kolatha Dali - Chilke wale horsegram soup cooked with mustard seeds and garlic
    Maachha Jhola (ମାଛ ଝୋଳ)- Fish curry, in a spicy gravy seasoned with mustard, ginger, garlic, cumin and turmeric
    Maachha Bihana (ମାଛ ବିହନ ତରକାରୀ)-Fish ovum dumplings made into spicy curry.
    Kanji - A traditional soup made from left over water from boiling rice and cooked with vegetables
    Ouu khatta(ଓଉ ଖଟା)- A sweet&sour marmalade made of elephant apple(ouu) Dillenia indica in jaggery.mostly in autumn. Sometimes ouu added to dal or dalma.[/oou-khatta/]
    Patua (ପତୁଆ)-Vegetables or small fish wrapped in banana leaves along with mustard oil ginger garlic paste and smoked in earthen vessels
    Panasa Katha Tarakari (ପଣସ କଠା ତରକାରୀ)-curry of unripe jack fruit with spicy garam masala and garlic.
    Posta (ପୋସ୍ତ ତରକାରୀ)- Poppyseed paste cooked with assorted vegetables and/or potato
    Maachha Besara(ମାଛ ବେସର) - Pan fried fish in a mustard gravy. Also called Maachha Besara
    Saga (ଶାଗ)- Fried green leafy vegetables sometimes with lentil balls and Badi
    Santula (ସନ୍ତୁଳା)- Lightly spiced assortment of steamed vegetables
    Saakara (ସାକରା)- Vegetable cooked in jaggery-unripe tamarind sauce, coconut and spices.
    [edit]Pana or Sharbats
    Bel Pana(ବେଲ ପଣା)- A sweet shake of the ripe pulp of Aegle marmelos with milk, sugar and a pinch of black pepper.
    Nabata Pana(ନବାତ ପଣା)- Sharbat made of chhena, jaggery, banana, grated coconut, and black pepper.
    [edit]Desserts & snacks

    Arisha Pitha

    Manda Pitha
    Arisha Pitha (ଆରିସା ପିଠା)-Rice flour kneaded with jaggery and fried in ghee/oil along with seasoning of sesame seeds
    Bada Kanti
    Biri Buha
    Bhaga Pitha
    Chakuli Pitha (ଚକୁଳି ପିଠା)- Pan cake similar to dosa.A Sweet variation called puli or Budha chakuli(ବୁଢା ଚକୁଳି) also prepared adding jaggery, ginger and frying in ghee. budha chakuli is a must in Deepavali paya shraaddha& Samba Dashami
    Chitau piṭha (ଚିତଉ ପିଠା)- fried pancake made from rice flour, coconut, jaggery and milk, often offered in Pujas to Lord Jagannath on Chitalagi Amabasya (or Chitau Amavasya).
    Chandrakanti (ଚନ୍ଦ୍ରକାନ୍ତି)-A deep fried sweet made from mixture of Green gram and rice flour.
    Chhena Gaja (ଛେନା ଗଜା)- Deep fried ricotta cheese soaked in sugar syrup
    Chhenna Poda (ଛେନା ପୋଡ଼)- Baked sweetened ricotta cheese cake
    Chhena Kheeri (ଛେନା ଖିରୀ)- A kheer made with cubes of ricotta cheese
    Chhena Jilapi (ଛେନା ଜିଲାପି)- A jalebi made with kneaded ricotta cheese
    Chhena jhili (ଛେନା ଝିଲି)- fried cheese in sugar syrup.
    Chhena Malpua (ଛେନା ମାଲପୁଆ)
    Chhena Tadia
    Chuda Ghasa
    Enduri Pitha(ଏଣ୍ଡୁରି ପିଠା)-Batter of black gram-rice with coconut stuffing inside wrapped in turmeric leaves and steamed like idly.
    Gaintha godi (ଗଇଁଠା ଗୋଡ଼ି)- Small balls made of rice flour dipped in seasioned sweet milk.speciality of pausha amavasya(baula amavasya)
    Hamsa Keli
    Kalakand (କଳା କନ୍ଦ)- Shaped sweets made from condensed milk
    Karanji (କରଞ୍ଜି)-A Dumpling made of maida and stuffed with coconut, cashew, and raisins
    Kakara pitha (କାକରା ପିଠା)- A deep fried sweet dish like arisha but made of wheat/maida flour and coconut, jaggery, black pepper,Edible camphor and chhena stuffing.
    Jhadai Nadaa
    Kadamba[disambiguation needed]
    Khaja or pheni (ଖଜା/ଫେଣି)- Shaped dough fried and drizzled with sugar syrup
    Khasta Puri
    Kheeri or Payas (ଖିରି/ପାୟସ)- Rice cooked in sweetened condensed milk
    Kheersagar (କ୍ଷୀରସାଗର)- cheese dumplings in condensed milk
    Ladu (ଲଡୁ)- Sweet balls made from lentils and dry fruits
    Lasi (ଲସି)- Sweet chilled yogurt drink, occasionally flavored in rose water
    Luni Khuruma
    Magaja Ladu
    Malpua (ମାଲପୁଆ)- Sweetened deep fried batter of a mixture of bananas and flour
    Manda Pitha(ମଣ୍ଡା ପିଠା) - Sweet dish made of rice flour stuffed with coconut and sugar(fried and steamed)
    Maric Ladu
    Mendha Mundia
    Mitha Dahi (ମିଠା ଦହି)- Sweet yogurt with a hint of cardamom
    Mathapuli (ମାଠପୁଳି)- Sweet dish made from Urad dal (lentils)
    Nadia Kora
    Pat Manohar
    Pitha(ପିଠା)- Coconut, lentil, jaggery, condensed dairy products in crepes
    Poda Pitha
    Rasmalai (ରସମଲାଇ)- Cheese dumplings in thickened, sweetened milk
    Rasabali(ରସାବଳି) - Flattened disks of ricotta cheese soaked in sweetened condensed milk
    Rasagola (ରସଗୋଲା)- Cheese dumplings in sugar syrup
    Sakara[disambiguation needed]
    San Pitha
    Suar Pitha
    Suji Kakara Pitha (ସୁଜି କାକରା ପିଠା/ସୁଜି ମଣ୍ଡା)- A sweet dish made of suji with coconut stuffing
    Suji Khir
    Tala Pitha (ତାଳ ପିଠା) - A sweet dish made of palm fruit